1st Teleconference on the mapping of social services and programs with the participation of all the Municipalities of the island

The Region of Crete held the first teleconference on the mapping of social services and social programs in Crete, within the responsibilities of the Regional  Observatory for Social Inclusion of the Region of Crete (Observatory). The teleconference was held in the presence of the Deputy Regional Governor of Public Health and Social Policy, Lambros N. Vamvakas, with the participation of the Deputy Mayors of Social Policy and representatives of the social services of all the Municipalities of Crete. The Scientific Team of the University of Crete also participated in the meeting. The Head of the Observatory presented the role of the Observatory in the National Mechanism for Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation of Integration and Social Cohesion Policies and in the Regional Strategy for Social Inclusion and against Poverty of Crete (PESKE Crete). Also, the Scientific Coordinator of the Team of the University of Crete, Giannis Zaimakis, developed for conducting specialized research on the monitoring of poverty and social exclusion in Crete.

In the context of its institutional role, the Region through the Observatory informed the social services of the Municipalities about the mapping of social policy services and programs, as well as about its contribution to the overall project of the Observatory and PESKE Crete. The cooperation with the Municipalities and with all the social bodies of the island will continue for the promotion of local needs and the improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants of the island, especially of the vulnerable and special social groups.