Participation in the workshop of the European Project Includ EU (AMIF) for immigrants social inclusion

The Regional Observatory for Social Inclusion of the Region of Crete in collaboration with the Department of Social Solidarity of the Directorate of Public Health and Social Welfare of the Regional Unit of Rethymnon participated on behalf of the Region of Crete, in the workshop of the European project Include EU for social integration of third country immigrants. The scope of the workshop was the exchange of experience between regions regarding the accessibility of migrants to health services, especially under the circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic. The new challenges of the pandemic for social services and health services were discussed, and the prospects for their improvement to meet the needs of immigrants in pandemic conditions (covid-19). The workshop was organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) with the participation of its representatives from Greece, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Romania. There were also present the Network of European Regions (AER), the Region of Sardinia (Italy), the Regional Association of Tuscany (Italy), the Region of Heart Brabant (Netherlands), the Secretariat for Equality, Immigration and Citizenship of Catalonia (Spain) and the DG for Asylum and Immigration of the European Commission. The coordinating partner of the project is the International Organization for Migration of Italy.