Participation in the 4th meeting of the Regional Committee for Gender Equality of Crete (PEPIS Crete) for the National Action Plan for Gender Equality 2021-2025

The 4th Meeting of the Regional Committee for Gender Equality of Crete (PEPIS Crete) was held by teleconference, chaired by the Deputy Regional Governor of Public Health and Social Policy, Lambros N. Vamvakas, with the participation of Presidents and Representatives of the Municipalities and executives of the social services of the Municipalities and the Regional Observatory for Social Inclusion of the Region of Crete.

The main purpose of the Meeting was the discussion on the "National Action Plan for Gender Equality 2021-2025", of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which is under public electronic consultation, from 13 July, in order to form a unified and coherent framework of proposals on the Plan and to be submitted by PEPIS Crete, by August 20, when the consultation process is completed. The participants were also informed about the recent ratification by the Greek Parliament of the "Convention 190 of the International Labor Organization (ILO) for the Elimination of Violence and Harassment in Workplace", which is the first international instrument setting specific standards for combating violence and recognizes the inalienable right of all people to work in a safe and dignified environment free from all forms of violence and harassment. The planning of the 16-day actions of the Region of Crete, which will be implemented for the second time this year, in the framework of the Annual International Campaign of the United Nations for the fight against violence and discrimination against women, from November 25, was also discussed. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women ", until December 10," International Human Rights Day ".

Finally, the website "Harassment in the Workplace" was presented, which was designed by the Hellenic Mediterranean University (ELMEPA), in the framework of the Program Convention "Actions to Promote Gender Equality in the Region of Crete 2018-20202", which has been signed between the Region of Crete, University of Crete and the Hellenic Mediterranean  University (ELMEPA). The President of PEPIS Crete, Lambros N. Vamvakas warmly thanked the members of PEPIS, the presidents and representatives of DEPIS Crete (Municipal Committees of Gender Equality in Crete), but also all the executives of the social services of the Municipalities and the Regional Observatory of Social Inclusion, for the response, the participation and the and stressed the urgent need to mobilize in a common struggle against violence and abuse against women. As Mr. Vamvakas pointed out: "Lately we have not stopped counting murders of women. This dramatic increase in female homicides, as well as complaints of incidents of domestic violence, prove, on the one hand, that this is a scourge that plagues Greek society and, on the other hand, that the pandemic, as a particularly psycho-stressful condition, with serious social and economic implications, has further intensifies the abusive behaviors that preceded the pandemic. That is why the main priorities of PEPIS Crete and the DEPIS of the island should be the empowerment of women to immediately report similar behaviors, the strengthening of existing structures for the protection and support of women victims of violence and their children and the creation of new there are, as well as the expansion of the mechanisms of immediate intervention and effective management of such incidents, in order to stop mourning victims ".

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