European project ''FILO''. Good practices on community approach for fighting lonileness of the elderly

Society is challenged by a growing number of ageing people that live longer and age in place. A gaining group of elderly is also living alone and not receiving support from family, friends or neighbours. The lack of supportive relationships combined with an increasing need of support leads not only to a decrease in empowerment, but also to an increase of feelings of loneliness. See Good Pracitces on community intervention for active aging within the framework of FILO Proeject (ERSAMUS +) with the Region of Crete (Regional Observatory for Social Inclusion) as a Partner. There are good practices from Rotterdam (Netherlands), Marseille (France), Venice (Italy), Nacka (Sweden), Roeselare (Belgium), Crete (Heraklion Municipality) (Greece). More info for the project in the section "Programmes". Good Practices are included in the link below.