European Project Includ-EU of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) for social inclusion of immigrants

The Regional Observatory for Social Inclusion implements the project ''Includ-EU'' of AMIF Programme. The project aims to build more cohesive European societies by enhancing the exchange of knowledge and experience, cooperation and the development of partnerships between local and regional authorities from Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia and Spain. It brings together local and regional authorities committed to the social integration of third-country migrants, with differing knowledge about the realities of migration and expertise on social inclusion.

The project not only recognizes the territorial differences within and between countries regarding the implementation of social inclusion measures but also utilizes them to improve regional and local capabilities and existing networks and resources. It will therefore build on the potentially complementary experiences of social integration of migrants from third countries and promote the development of the capacity of regions and poles on this issue. In addition, it will provide an opportunity to try out specific local actions as good examples to enable them to reproduce at EU level. The project will focus on better understanding and scaling up innovative gender and age integration practices based on country at different levels of government.

In this way, the project will help to: a) facilitate the integration of third-country migrants at regional and local level, b) strengthen multilevel governance for social inclusion in critical areas in line with the priorities outlined in the Action Plan and (c) inform on the formulation of future EU social inclusion policy.

The project will be implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which is affiliated with the United Nations and with 173 Member States. Also from the Network of European Regions (AER) in which 150 regional authorities participate and from 5 partner countries (regional / local authorities), resulting in a broad and balanced geographical coverage throughout Europe.

The overall goal of the project will be achieved through the following three specific objectives: Specific objective 1: Improving the knowledge and skills of local and regional authorities from the countries: Greece, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, to facilitate the integration of third country immigrants. Specific objective 2: Implementation and evaluation of pilot projects promoting the integration of third country migrants at regional and local level in Greece, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Specific Objective 3: To define an informal network of regions and local authorities with different levels of expertise, taking advantage of the diversity of territorial approaches, policies and practices for social inclusion.

PARTNERSHIP: Coordinating Partner: Italian International Organization for Migration (IOM) Partners and Collaborating Bodies: International Organization for Migration in the local countries participating in the partnerships (Greece, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Romania) Network of European Regions (AER) Region of Crete (Greece) Region of Sardinia (Italy) Regional Association of Tuscan Municipalities (Italy) Heart Brabant Region (Netherlands) Secretariat for Equality, Immigration and Citizenship of Catalonia (Spain)

Project implementation duration: 36 months

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