Mapping of the Child Care Infrastructure in the Region of Crete

Mapping of the Child Care Infrastructure in the Region of Crete by the Managing Authority of the “Crete” Programme, in collaboration with the Regional Observatory for Social Inclusion of the Region of Crete, carried out a mapping of the needs of childcare (infants - children - nurseries) at the level of the Region of Crete.

The survey was completed in March 2023.

This mapping will support the formulation of selecting criteria of the "Crete" Program 2021-2027 for Child Care infrastructure in Crete.


Participation in the two days event entitled Commons in Entrepreneurship. The Social Economy in Practice

Τwo days event for Social Economy entitled "Commons in Entrepreneurship. The Social Economy in Practice", is held by the Region of Crete - Regional Development Agency of Crete (PANETAIK) SA, on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May 2022, at the Cultural & Conference Center of Heraklion, under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs, in collaboration with the Regional Observatory of Social Inclusion. 


European Project Includ-EU of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) for social inclusion of immigrants

The Regional Observatory for Social Inclusion implements the project ''Includ-EU'' of AMIF Programme. The project aims to build more cohesive European societies by enhancing the exchange of knowledge and experience, cooperation and the development of partnerships between local and regional authorities from Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia and Spain. It brings together local and regional authorities committed to the social integration of third-country migrants, with differing knowledge about the realities of migration and expertise on social inclusion. More info to:


Participation at the partners' meeting in Venice of the European project "FILO" for Fighting Eldelry Lonileness

The Region of Crete (Regional Observatory for Social Iclusion), participated in the 5th meeting of the partners of the European project "FILO": "Fighting Loneliness", of the European Program ERASMUS +, in Venice. The meeting was organized by the Social Cooperative for Training and Employment in Venice, in the framework of the project processes related to the exchange of good practices in the field of dealing with loneliness of people on age 65+.