The Observatory strenthens the Region of Crete in formulating spatially focused social policies [area / local based social policy], with direct and horizontal social targeting. It also contributes to the formulation of effective social policies at national level, within the framework of the National Mechanism (NM) for Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation of social inclusion and social cohesion policies, which is coordinated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

In this regard, decision-making will be done by prioritizing needs, identifying multiple deprivation ranking areas or pockets of poverty in Crete, and identifying the most vulnerable groups exposed to deprivation and high risk of exclusion.This approach takes into account the need to respond to 'emergencies’ posed by the current situation, in combination with long-term goals for comprehensive and multifaceted interventions.

Through the Observatory, the Region of Crete can proceed to the planning of socially effective interventions and the spatially fair distribution of resources by capturing the correspondence between the conditions of deprivation and the actions of the regional administration. Emphasis is placed on the actions of the regional social administration but its coordinating role will be strengthened with pilot applications and collaborations with all local government bodies and social bodies. In this perspective, it is important to expand the involvement of civil society in the design of social policies.