Angelos Loukakis

Scientific Associate

Angelos Loukakis is Post-Doc researcher at the University of Crete Research Center for Humanities, Social and Education Sciences (UCRC).

His doctoral thesis was about the political and social consequences of the Economic Crisis in Greece. He holds BA and Msc degrees from the department of Sociology, University of Crete. His master thesis was about Local Mobilization and policies about waste management facilities in Crete at the period 1998-2010. His research interests consider mostly material deprivation and social exclusion, social and political impacts of crises (economic, refugees, COVID-19), Solidarity Organisations, Collective Action, Mobilisation, Social and Environmental Movements.

At this period, he is also involved at EUROPOLITY - The Politicization of European Integration in the Greek public discourse, 1974-2019 and at Strategy for increasing Social Impact of research at University of Crete research projects. While previously he participated in 5 international projects. He is a founding member of the Sociological Association of University of Crete Alumni. E-mail: