Vassilis Arapoglou

3rd Research Axis Scientific Responsible

Vassilis Arapoglou is an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology of the University of Crete, with the subject "Urban Sociology, Social Inequalities and Exclusions".

He was the coordinator of the study for the design of "Mechanism for Monitoring the policies of social inclusion and social cohesion" assigned by the Greek Ministry of Labor to the University of Crete in 2015. He is a member of the Board of KEME University of Crete and member of the editorial board of Athens Social Atlas. He has many years of cooperation with organizations such as the European Housing Observatory, the Hellenic Network for Combating Poverty, the Hellenic Observatory of the London School of Economics, INE-GSEE, the Institute for Economic and Industrial Research & the Institute for Migration Policies.

His participation in international organizations and research and evaluation committees such as the College of Experts of the European Science Foundation, the European Urban and Regional Studies, the planning committee of the EU HORIZON 2020 concerns the fields of social policy, immigration and urban studies. He has a long experience in projects and actions for monitoring and evaluation of social policies in the form of "Observatory" also in abroad. He has developed collaborations for the design of specific social policy issues related to the development of social development and networking programs. He has experience in mapping social data in geoinformation systems.