The section concerns surveys carried out in the context of the operation of the Regional Observatory for Social Inclusion of the Region of Crete. 

In particular, it includes the description and the texts of the research project undertaken by the Team of the University of Crete, in particular by the Laboratory of Social Analysis and Applied Social Research (EKAEKE) of the Department of Sociology.

The work of the Research Team is organized into 3 main research axes and developed over a three years period (2020-2023). The research axes are:

1st Research Axis: Income & Living Conditions of Households in Crete

The 1st Research Axis studies the Income & Living Conditions of Households in Crete. In this context, it examines the current situation in relation to deprivation, social exclusion and inequality in Crete. Based on data from the Greek and the European Statistical Authority (ELSTAT and EUROSAT) it studies the social and economic profile of the population of Crete.

It seeks to better capture the risk of poverty and social exclusion, thus helping to develop more effective intervention policies at the local level. It also focuses on the impact of social transfers, in money and in kind, on household income and living conditions, emphasizing their impact on the risk of poverty, deprivation and exclusion in Crete. This will help reveal weaknesses and gaps in the social protection system.

Scientific Responsible for the 1st Research Axis: Christos Papatheodorou, Deputy Rector of Economics, Planning and Development at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Postgraduate Program at the Department of Social Policy in Panteion University.

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2nd Reasearch Axis: Social Inclusion Programmes & Groups

The 2nd Research Axis includes two field surveys for monitoring and evaluating against poverty and social exclusion programs focusing on specific social groups of the population in Crete.

More specifically, a questionnaire will be used to quantitatively investigate the indicators of social deprivation in the local community. This will be followed by semi-structured interviews with members of local communities as well as selected group interviews in the form of a focus group in specific population groups. The ultimate goal is to highlight the degree of effectiveness of these programs in meeting the needs of citizens,  especially of specific social groups in Crete.

Scientific Responsible for the 2nd Research Axis: George Tsiolis, Head of the Department of Sociology in the University of Crete. Professor in "Qualitative Methods in Sociological Research".

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3rd Research Axis: Identification and Analysis of Local Deprivation Pockets in Crete

The 3rd Research Axis focuses on the identification of pockets of local deprivation and poverty through the construction of a special geographical database, the design and implementation of special methods of spatial analysis in Crete. In this context, pilot field research will be developed in local communities that will give high rates of deprivation in urban or rural areas or in specific population categories. The selection of the pockets or population categories studied is decided based on the assessment of the degree of local deprivation, the needs and the problems faced by the local communities. More specifically, processes of spatial mapping of poverty and deprivation are being developed that will allow the spatial analysis of poverty and deprivation and the spatial localization of deprivation of vulnerable and special groups of the population.

In addition, the systems of spatial mapping of poverty will be depicted on the Geographical Information System of the Region of Crete or the equivalent of the Ministry of Labor. The depictions of poverty and social exclusion in specific geographical areas will support decision-making to improve the provision of services and programs.

Scientific Responsible for the 3rd Research Axis: Vassilis Arapoglou, Associate Professor of "Urban sociology, social inequalities and exclusions", Department of Sociology, University of Crete.

Scientific Responsible for conducting and analyzing pilot researches in the 3rd Research Axis: Giannis Zaimakis, Professor in Sociology and Local Communities, at the Department of Sociology of the University of Crete. Director of the Laboratory of Social Analysis and Applied Social Research of the University of Crete.

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