3nd teleconference on the mapping of Social Services and Social Programs in Crete

The Region of Crete, following the meetings with the social institutions, held the 3rd teleconference on the mapping of social services and social programs in Crete, within the responsibilities of the Regional Social Inclusion Observatory (Observatory). The teleconference was held with the presence of the Deputy Regional Governor of Public Health and Social Policy, Lambros Vamvakas, with the participation of the Holy Archdiocese of Crete and the 8 Holy Metropolises of the island. The meeting presented the role of the Observatory in the National Mechanism for Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation of Integration and Social Cohesion Policies and in the Regional Strategy for the Fight against Poverty and Social Inclusion of Crete (PESKE Crete).

The Church of Crete is developing a large and important network of social services throughout the island which contributes to the protection of people from situations of social exclusion and poverty, to ensuring a dignified and healthy life and to improving the quality of life of the beneficiaries. The role of the Church of Crete of recording local needs, in highlighting social issues that need intervention is crucial for the success of the effort to combat poverty and social exclusion in Crete. The meeting noted the importance of systematic cooperation with all stakeholders in solving social problems. Also the formation of stable networks of cooperation between the different social policy actors for their better coordination for the benefit of the social groups, as well as the need for additional coverage of the social needs by all the actors involved. The importance of identifying and analyzing the diversity of needs depending on the region and the particular characteristics of local communities was also discussed.