Giorgos Tsiolis

2nd Research Axis Scientific Responsible

George Tsiolis is a Professor at the Department of Sociology of the University of Crete in the subject "Qualitative methods in sociological research". He is also the President of the same Department.

He studied at the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies of the University of Crete. He has continued his studies in Germany and Denmark. He received his PhD from the Department of Sociology of the University of Crete in 2002. He has taught at the University of the Aegean (2002-2007), at the University of Crete (Department of Sociology), and at the Hellenic Open University, where he has been working since 2014, as a member of the Collaborating Scientific Staff, he teaches courses on the Methodology of Social Research, Qualitative Research, Qualitative Data Analysis and the Biographical Narrative Approach. During the spring semesters 2011 and 2018 he worked as a visiting researcher at the Universities of Frankfurt and Vienna respectively.

He has published articles in Greek and foreign scientific journals. He has edited collective volumes and authored books on qualitative research design, qualitative data analysis, and biographical narrative research. He has rich research experience and is the scientific responsible of the repository of the University of Crete in the Hellenic Research Infrastructure for Social Data (SoDaNet). Since 2018 he is Vice President of the Association of Oral History (EPI) and elected member of the Scientific Council of the Research Committee 38 "Biography and Society" of the International Sociological Association (ISA). Books: - G. Tsiolis & M. Christodoulou. Social causation and biographical research. Philosophical, theoretical, and methodological arguments. London / New York, Routledge (Series: Routledge Advances in Research Methods). 2020 ISDN: 9780367620363. - G. Tsiolis: Methods and Techniques of Analysis in Qualitative Social Research. Critique Publications. 2014 ISBN: 978- 960-218-885-9. - G. Tsiolis: Life stories and biographical narratives. The biographical approach to sociological research. Critique Publications. 2006. ISBN: 960-218-481-7.